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About us

Lancashire Contests

We are a team of individuals formally know as North West Counties Brass Band Association. Our aims are focussed upon the maintainence and advancement of brass musical education, standards and participation through the provision of a competative platform.

We are comprised of a governing body of volunteers who who manage and organise a number of sucessful brass band competitions each year.

We welcome and encourage participation not only in competition, but involvement in the organisational aspects that competative music making relies.

If you wish to become involved, please contact us via the links below or through our Forum.

Contact us

Frank Hodges
01942 212418

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Following extended discussion, Lancashire Contests have opted to amalgamate three contests and focus efforts into further development of a single contest.

The annual Fleetwood Open, and Northern Open Contests will not be staged for the foreseeable future.

  • Scarce financial support and sponsorship together with the increasing cost of suitable venues has made it difficult to secure the long-term viability of three separate contests.
  • Decreasing numbers of bands participating in these contests adversely affects sustainable budgeting.
  • The lack of volunteers to assist with the organisation of the events is an unjustifiable burden upon the small group of long-standing individuals who have for many years, given their time and work freely to continue the tradition of band contests in the North West.


We will focus all of our efforts into developing Brass at the Guild into a viable long-term festival, and to develop further the successful British Open Youth at the Guild contest held earlier this year.