About us

We are a team of individuals formally know as North West Counties Brass Band Association. Our aims are focussed upon the maintainence and advancement of brass musical education, standards and participation through the provision of a competative platform.

We are comprised of a governing body of volunteers who who manage and organise a number of sucessful brass band competitions each year.

We welcome and encourage participation not only in competition, but involvement in the organisational aspects that competative music making relies.

If you wish to become involved, please contact us via the links below or through our Forum.

Registration for our contests
Due to the present uncertainty with regard to the registration of players for brass band contests Lancashire Contests have issued the following temporary change of rules.
In order to register your players with us prior to each contest, individual players’ details must be entered on the player information sheet provided. The form should be returned at least one week before the date of the contest. Any amendments, including borrowed players, can be made up to and on the day of the contest.
The current breakdown of the central registration is beyond our control, and has resulted in two separate unconnected third party complications. As a consequence, Lancashire Contests do not recognise either BBBR or Brass Band Players Limited.
For the purposes of the contest, the Contest Controller will agree directly with each band the legitimacy, within the contest rules, of all individual participants entered onto the player information sheet.
On the contest day, each player is kindly requested to bring with them a form of personal ID (driving licence or other form of photographic identification, third party registration cards are acceptable as a means of personal ID). Borrowed players must be accompanied with a completed borrowed player form. We wish to thank everyone for their understanding and co-operation.

Until further notice the above will replace Rules C5(a) and (c)of the Lancashire Contests Brass Band Championships Rules and Conditions.

Please note that until the registration situation is resolved Lancashire Contrests will implement internal procedures and continue to keep bands fully informed.



Frank Hodges
39 Broxton Avenue

Telephone 01942 212418


l replace Rules C5(a) and (c)of the Lancashire Contests Brass Band Championships Rules and Condit